Friday, March 12, 2010

Born to WIN !

Have u ever feel so inferior about yourself?

Look at him ! He's genius and i'm not..
Look at her ! She's superb and i'll never be like her..

The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it?

Well, sit back and relax..

Everyone can make a different. Not on the position, it's all about the action..


10 Thoughts To Ponder..

1. Be like the bee, which lands on fragrant flowers and fresh branches.
2. You do not have time to seek out people's defects and mistakes.
3. If Allah is with you, then whom do you have to fear? if Allah is against you, then what hope do you have?
4. The fire of envy consumes the body, and excessive jealousy is like a ranging fire.
5. If your do not prepare today, then you will not be able to do anything tomorrow.
6. Withdraw peacefully from places where idle argument are going on.
7. Let your morals and attitudes be even more beautiful than a garden.
8. Do acts of kindness and you will be the happiest of people.
9. Leave people to the Creator, leave the envier to death, and forget your enemy.
10. The pleasure of Haram action is followed by regret, loss and punishment.

-Dr 'Aid al-Qarni-

Too idealistic ?

At some point, I use to feel that some motivational books are quite idealistic.

Anybody has d same feeling too?? hehe

Well, life is not that black and white, it's not MCQ. It's KBKK ^_^ Everything is there for a reason.

The reason why i like to go back reading those books..

A manual is a manual, it's just a guidance. A help for us to choose what's the best.
No one can be that 'perfecto'.No doubt! But at least we have something in our hand that can show us the way.
So that, whenever we forget about the 'rule-of-thumb', there's always a 'friend' that can remind us straight away.

Happy holiday, happy studying !


  1. For every single action that you take will be count. Be it good or bad, everything count. Being inspired by others is good. But inspiring others is much better.

    Best of luck in the future undertaking. And remember, the grass always greener on the other side. Bittaufiq wa najjah.

  2. JazakAllahul khayr..indeed every single action will put a mark either to ourselves or others..

    Btw, heard that somebody get a nice one week holiday,selamat memanfaatkan peluang keemasan..Bittawfeq jugak.

  3. whoa farachan lessa ma nemtish? ayoyo

    salam hehe~ aku xle tido, rasa sayu miu pikupiku...

    all the best, ko memang patut jd pakar motivasi so i can sajjil awlaadi 3endik :D (anyway entries ko reflect kenangan masa kenit2 dulu... walaupun kini kita msih kenit2 jua)

    *_* sori merepek

  4. hehe..jui mui..aku bangga n jadi org pertama komen kat entry terbaru ko ehehe..mucimucibocibom..
    apsal ko rasa sayu pikupiku?ko hommichikki ke?hehe

    (ape mende bahasa kita ni weh hehe)^_^

  5. mmmm hommichikki, lakin bonbocibon wa wuwumiupiku kaman wuwuwww~

    daeman enti awwal wa7de,
    wucimoamoa jiddan!
    (maksudnye: cayang ko sgt, kalau tada faham :D)

    *_* gomenasaii

  6. ichimoshis jui mui, aku rasa nak g jumpa ko la..bila free nak g umah ko la.windu222 sama kamoo