Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tiga yang Teristimewa..

April menjelma, 3 insan yang teristimewa..

Buat Mama yang selalu memberikan semangat dan tidak pernah jemu mendengar segala rintihan dan keluhan..

Buat Papa yang selalu memberikan inspirasi bahawa tiada apa yang mustahil dalam hidup..

Buat Abang Hadi yang menjaga kakak saya dengan sangat baik..

Selamat Hari Jadi Buat Papa, Mama 
dan Abang Hadi..
(4,6 dan 26 April)

Moga rahmat dan kasih sayang Allah sentiasa bersama mama, papa dan abang hadi setiap saat..
Memberi keberkatan pada setiap umur yang telah dilalui dan bakal dilalui..
Memberi keampunan buat kita semua...
Memberikan kebahagian hidup di dunia sementara ini dan akhirat nanti..
Dan akhirnya mempertemukan kita semua di syurga Allah di masa hadapan..

A tribute to such a wonderful family, a circle of support, always there for me..

When you've got a family like mine,
You surely would not mind
They would cheer you on at any game,
All the way until you walk through the hall of fame.
They make you feel better when you are blue
And whisper in your ear, I love you
They would teach you something new everyday
And help you find success in everyway
They attend to your everyday needs
Whether it is buying pencils or beads
They make sure you are comfortable where you are
Whether you are in a house or a car
They would not let obstacles keep you down
And create a smile from your frown
They teach you wrong from right
And encourage you to keep your dreams in sight
They wipe your tears away when you are sad
And calm you down when you get mad
Thank you family for all that you do
I don't know where I would be if it weren't for you
© Anisha R. Patel

That's What Family Is All About right ?


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